Langover Version 5.8.0 Free

A neat application which auto-corrects text typed in wrong languages

How many times have you found yourself furiously typing your keyboard, in the middle of the most successful paragraph you ever wrote, so precisely articulating what it is you're trying to say, using such sophisticated metaphors of your own wording, so enthralled with your own unfolding written masterpiece when you look up at the screen to find only Gibberish spread all over it. Such rare strokes of genius usually don’t come back so easy.
Neglecting to set the keyboard in the right language occurs so often that there should be a law against it. Furthermore, it causes so much accumulated frustration and distress that it's suspected to be one of the primary causes for eyebrows balding in middle aged Vietnamese men who eat at least two cabbage heads per day and can't imitate a pirate's Urrrrgh to save their lives.
Luckily enough for eyebrows all over the world, LangOver 5.0 is here! This compact and quite simple software program puts an end to this misery as it can immediately switch text between languages. Tried to write something in German but the keyboard was set on English? No problem, just select the text that came out wrong press F10 and presto! Your text will appear in English, as if that's how you've written it in the first place.
The great thing about LangOver 5.0 is that it supports all languages. You can convert any language to English and vise versa, English to any language. You can also switch between uppercase and lowercase text by pressing SHIFT + F10. For reversing text, if the need ever arises, simply press F6.
That simple, that genius.
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